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Something I've noticed about life

I've noticed something that I need to vent about. Here on dA, you'll have friends that you were so close to go inactive. Sometimes they just get busy with other things. Sometimes you can't find them again. The worst is if a friend gets suicidal. You want to help them, but all you can do is send them a "Hey! Thinking of you! :):):)" message. And if they don't reply, you'll never really know what happened to them. It hurts when a close dA friend just never comes back to the site, because you know odds are you'll never be able to talk to them again.

But I guess that's just a part of what this site is about. For a lot of people, it's where some of their best friends are. And if you're like me, it's where some of your only friends are. And when they're nothing you can do to talk to a friend again... Well, I always have to remember that I'll make new friends on here, but I'll always hold the friends who went permanently inactive in my heart, not because they're "dead," but because our friendship is over.

Rest in pieces, dear friends. :D (Rhivolt, if you ever go on here, I'd still love to hear your stories. Note me. :))

Looker is on the Case

Looker is on the Case


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OMG Shout box!
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yooo!!! just dropping by here :D
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I love it! I can't wait to find out how it Evolves. I think that'll be the most interesting part.:D
Sun Jul 14, 2013, 7:37 PM
What do you think of the new eevee evolution :3?
Sat Jul 13, 2013, 7:39 AM
Sat Jul 13, 2013, 7:38 AM
No problem!!!=D
Thu Jul 11, 2013, 6:02 PM
lol XD sorry for the late reply btw ^^;
Wed Jul 10, 2013, 12:42 PM

Hey dudes! I'd really like to get some opinions on this headcanon, and so I thought I'd try it on you guys. If ya can, tell me if you think it's cliche or not. Well I guess this means IT'S STORY TIME!!! :iconcilanplz:

(One of my biggest devART woes is when I have a headcanon and I make a fic of it, but then I get another idea for that character/pairing/whatever an I end up completely rewriting that headcanon, and now it doesn't match the fanfic. But I hope think THIS will be my final draft on Ash's dad's story, headcanon-wise. And another disclaimer is that this hc is one of my rewrites, this one of the first movie. So keep in mind that in this story, Ash has never met Mew or Mewtwo before. :) )

So as you've probably already guessed, my "Ash & Pikachu vs. Fate" headcanon starts with Ash's dad. And his name is Thorne. Thorne was an Aura Guardian just like Ash is, and one thing I should probably explain about Guardians before I get into this is that Aura Guardians are guardians of aura, which is Energy, which is life. They are servants of the Palace of Stars (Pokemon heaven) and will someday give their lives to the land, sea, and sky just as Fate dictates. It's been this way since the beginning of the Chapter of Darkness, when humans were first born to the world. ANYWAY, (ugh, tangents @__@) one of the most distinctive traits aura guardians possess is a natural instinct to help others. If a (usually young) guardian sees a creature in trouble, they naturally don't think about the danger to themselves. They charge into the situation and help the creature, without a single thought to the consequences to themselves. (Literally, one time a lot later Ash took a trip though the Arkia region with Sycamore and Alexa [again, LONG STORY x__x] Alexa literally had to hold Ash back when a Pokemon fell off the Vat, cause Ash doesn't think about danger to himself by pure instinct of what he is.)

Thorne was one of the few remaining aura guardians left in the world, as the bloodlines for them continue to dwindle. His partner was (by cliche) a Pikachu he named Chiina. He rescued her when she had been experimented on by scientists. They had combined her DNA with that of an Emolga, and by horrid transformation she now had the membrane that the Unova rodents used to glide, though this Pikachu never was able to glide very well. 

So one day long before Ash was born, Thorne and Chiina discovered a secret underground-ish hideout, where Team Rocket was hosting Pokemon pitfights to earn a quick buck. (and BTW, in modern times pitfighting is one of THE most illegal things a person can do.) Anyway, so Thorne (of course) sympathized with the Pokemon forced to fight, and sneaked into the hideout to free them. Weeeellllll..... 

Years before this TR setup, a bunch of scientists had created Mewtwo and yada yada you know the story. But one scientist realized that they had created a monster and tried to shut down the Genesai Project and thus end Mewtwo's creation, but his attempt was thwarted by the other scientists. And when Mewtwo (inevitably) blew up the laboratory, it spared the life of that one scientist who tried to stop the others, due to Mewtwo's incredibly warped sense of the way things are and how the world works. But it was lured in to Team Rocket's grasp by their shared hatred of humanity, but of course TR scientists seized control of it and did some more painful adjustments to make Mewtwo even stronger, and planned to try its power out in the pitfighting ring. But before they could, Thorne broke in and released all the captive Pokemon, including Mewtwo, a choice that ended up disrupting his entire life.

The freed Mewtwo once again blew up the location where the humans had held it prisoner, pretty much killing every person except Thorne, who Mewtwo had respect for for freeing it. Mewtwo told him that the human race had done innumerable wrongs to Pokemon since the beginning of time, (which is true), and only it had the power to make them pay for the sufferings they had caused. Thorne argued with it, insisting that not all humans were bad and that a lot of them truly loved Pokemon. But, of course, Mewtwo's skewed perception of how things are due to have been born in laboratory tube to serve humans, saw Thorne's desperate speech differently.

Mewtwo had respect for Thorne and Thorne alone, and so it settled on what it thought of as a compromise. It told Thorne that if he said on his word that humans were good, then it would believe it to be true. But it vowed that in fifty years it would return, and if things had changed and humanity had corrupted the world, it would hold Thorne himself personally accountable. And then it left. Simple as that.

At first Thorne was horrified, not knowing what it was he had done, but eventually pushed it to the back of his mind and continued his travels with Chiina. When he was eighteen he met Delia, and the rest of the two's story is pretty much history. But, (conveniently) things went wrong.

Thorne had been happily married, yada yada yada, but at one point when Ash wasn't even a year old, his (heavily quotationed) """powers""" backfired and blew up a coffee mug, and Thorne realized something all of a sudden, since he had almost forgotten the incident at Team Rocket's hideout. He could count that Mewtwo would return, but he couldn't count on the fact that it would take in the passing of time. At the time it had known him, Thorne was around fourteen. (Maxx Effect counting ^^;) And since his son looked exactly like Thorne, and had the same aura, being an Aura Guardian, there was a good chance that Mewtwo would mistake a teenage Ash for his father, and single him out instead. Thorne knew he had to do something to protect his son's future, and the best option available was to try and fulfill the "prophecy"-ish thing that had come to light before Mewtwo arose again. 

(BTW, the 'prophecy' is this:

Pikachu, Pikachu
Who could tame the Guardian Mew?
Thundercreature, Thundercreature
The hero's calling cry

Guardian Blue, Guardian Blue

To your world be ever true
Aurorian, Aurorian
With your jagged marks of lightning

The second verse is an ancient Aura Guardian truth chant, but the first came from a prophet in Sinnoh at the time Ash was born, and Thorne had a hunch about what it meant.)

Anyway, according to how Thorne had interpreted the chant, only a guardian and a thundercreature (a Pikachu) alongside Mew could bring peace to Mewtwo's enraged heart. And so, he and Chiina left for Sinnoh. He never told Delia where he was going, just that he would be leaving for a while, because he didn't want her to worry about their son. And besides, it would take a really long time to explain the whole story, and by his calculations he would be back in a week or two.

So he headed to Sinnoh, the first region of the world created by Arceus, and, by ancient legend, where the first Mew resides. He arrived in Celestic Town on time and asked for permission to view the cave mural. Now, Thorne was a lover of legends, and could recite every tale in the Stories About the Dark by heart. He had studied the incredibly old text and found the hidden secret to unlocking Ancient Mew's chamber. And so he descended into Sinnoh's Underground.

The Underground is an extremely dangerous place. In the past the naturally-created tunnels twisting and weaving below Sinnoh were used for mines, or for reckless trainers to play daredevil in. But numerous cave-ins and rumors that a giant, poisonous snake (a Zygarde, in reality) was wandering the tunnels caused authorities to block every entrance and exit to the Underground. So Thorne must have loved Ash a lot to risk his own life in order to secure his son's future. But for all of Thorne's intelligence, he and his mutant Pikachu got lost inside the never-ending tunnels, and didn't find a way out until almost twenty years later.

Back in Pallet, Delia was furious. The fact that her husband had left without an explanation right after Ash had done something incredibly strange was, in her mind, taken as him running away because his son was "different." And for all the years that followed until she told Ash what she thought to be the truth, all she said every time he asked was that his father was dead. 

Fast forward twenty years, where, by the power of the Maxx Effect Ash would be fourteen-and-a-half. It had been well over the five year limit since he had first challenged the Kanto League, so he challenged it again, getting all the badges, and he won the tournament. He could now participate in the Kanto Champions' Tournament, and aim for a shot at being the absolute Champion of Kanto, which would be a huge step forward toward his dream. But, as they always do, things didn't go according to plan. 

Thorne and Chiina had been wandering about the Underground for twenty years, trying desperately to find a way out. Finding food and water wasn't the hardest part of life in the dark; there were plenty of roots to be found in the deep black soil, and they were usually full of the water they needed to stay alive. The biggest challenge wasn't even avoiding the Zygarde, who would kill any trespassers that wandered into its domain. No, the biggest issue was air. Twenty years in a long time to be stuck, especially for someone as intellectual as Thorne. But when your brain can't get enough oxygen, you're not able to think straight. If his head had been clear, he probably could have found a way out within only months. But when you can't remember where you are or why you got there half the time, it's gonna cause some difficulties. 

But after twenty years of starvation and deprivation, the two finally found a way back to the surface. Workers in Oreburgh City were blasting out a new section of the mine, and luckily Thorne and Chiina were far enough away to not be caught in the explosion. But they were near enough to hear it, and out of complete desperation the two ran past the workers (scaring them a little) and got the first breath of clean air they've had in twenty years. Going to the Pokemon Center, he tried to call Delia first thing and explain and apologize, as he knew she would be furious. But she didn't pick up. After both he and his mutated Pikachu were treated for multiple head injuries, improperly healed wounds, complete exhaustion, etc. Thorne fell asleep in the Center, planning to set out to find Ash and warn him of the danger he was in as soon as he woke. He was looking forward to seeing how his son had grown, and was excited to learn what kind of person he had become. But he hadn't yet realized just how much time had passed while he was gone.

Two days later, Mewtwo awoke. It flew across the world, watching humans and how they treated Pokemon, who were the superior ones. (truly) It saw some people treating Pokemon nicely, which pleased Mewtwo. It began to relax, thinking that its friend Thorne had been right all along, and there was no need for punishment. If humans were making up for past mistakes, Mewtwo would respect them as well. But he didn't like how the humans were looking down to the Pokemon. If Pokemon lived in dens, and humans in houses, why were there some Pokemon living with humans in their houses, but never humans living with Pokemon in dens? It was as if these humans thought of the Pokemon as lower life forms, containing them in capsules when no humans were contained by Pokemon. This returned the rage to Mewtwo's heart. Humans could not survive with out Pokemon, yet Pokemon could easily survive without people. And yet it is a human-run world that has been made of a time where both sides were once equal. Some humans may treat Pokemon well, but is this the kind of world that the Pokemon, who have always been superior by design, would want to live in? Perhaps they have no choice. To defy human overtake would cause the Pokemon to be seen as animals in human eyes, a danger to their kind, and a need for euthanization. It was Mew who, back when the world was being created, insisted to Arceus to give humans a chance to do good, and thus He added them to the world, hoping human greed would not overcome their hearts. Was He wrong? Is He powerless to save a world where humans have the technology to destroy it? Will humans someday create a weapon that is stronger than Arceus Himself? An ancient prophet one said that humans and Pokemon will never become one unless the blood of both species ran together. But humans were so far down the evolutionary line that their blood was less than half Energy, compared to that of Pokemon, which is pure. And the percentage just keeps dwindling. Does this mean that humans were slowly losing their right to live on this earth? There were so many questions that needed answers.

But as the failed genetic experiment surveyed the relations between the two species, it saw those like Team Rocket. Though they were few compared to the kind ones, it was enough to make up Mewtwo's mind. Thorne had lied to it. The only human ever to win its respect had failed. There can only be one answer, Mewtwo thought, only one way to restore the balance originally intended for this world. The human race must be exterminated, just as they had tried to do to the Pokemon countless eons ago, back when the world was still young. 

And so, with powers that had been endowed upon it by its human creators, Mewtwo located the boy he knew as Thorne Ketchum, to find he seemed to have changed his name. Mewtwo's laughter ricocheted off the empty ocean water. How cowardly he try to hide. With a simple flick of its finger, it conjured a storm large and powerful enough to encompass the entire world in its wrath. But this was only the beginning of failed creation's fury. The time for revenge was now. Its fun was just starting.

When the storm hit, the world immediately took cover. Trainers scurried to any shelter available; estate owners sheltered forest Pokemon in their doors; and anyone foolish enough to set foot outdoors was in danger of being swept off their feet by powerful gusts of wind, if the brick-sized hailstones didn't get them first. The world had never experienced a storm of this caliber. Scientists and professors (of course) risked the storm to try and find out what was causing this world-wide tempest, and at some point a news crew managed somehow to get a secure location where they could film the center of the storm, and were surprised to see that it was a Pokemon.

And so, because of how TVs in the Pokemon world work (I'll explain it later ^^) every TV in the Leagued world was broadcasting as Lugia, the guardian of the sea, rose to confront Mewtwo. And they also watched as Mewtwo defeated it in a single move. Several other legendaries spoken only of in myths rose to confront this challenger who threatened to upset the balance. But they all were defeated easily. At this point Mewtwo turned to where the either brave or not smart news crew was filming, and with a single swipe overtook the cameras. The whole world watched as it said with red, glowing eyes what it was planning to do, but promised to spare the inferior race "if they brought him Ash Ketchum." Thorne, halfway across the world from his son and stuck inside by the raging storm, felt his heart sink. He had failed. 

As the Forty Day Storm kept churning, Mewtwo destroyed major cities in its rage. Ash, who Mewtwo had mistaken for his father, wasn't going to sit around while the world his spirit was bound to serve was slowly turned to a pile of molten debris. With destiny tugging him forward as it always did, he went to Sinnoh, remembering something Cynthia had said to him about the first Mew slumbering below the first region. He thought that if he brought the Pokemon that Mewtwo had been born of, it might listen. It was extremely slow going as he tried to find a way to get to Sinnoh, as every port had been shut down. The forty day lease that Mewtwo had granted the human race to "bring him Ash Ketchum" was quickly expiring, and the storm was getting more destructive by the day. Finally, Ash and Pikachu made it to Sinnoh, then to Celestic, and when nobody was there to challenge his presence, to the cave mural. He found that the hidden stone staircase that led into the Underground opened upon his approaching the mural, and together the two descended into the Underground to find Mew. He hoped not only that he could make it back out in time to confront Mewtwo, but also that his hunch was correct. He let his subconscious lead them through the tunnels, and it lead him straight to the chamber of Mew. His heart spoke for him, just as heroes were said to have done in ancient legends, and with both Mew and Pikachu at his side, he raced to the island cave where Mew thought its brother would be hiding.

Now... ^^; I don't have everything of that final battle planned out, and knowing me, I know that if I told you what I had planned right now tomorrow I'll think of a better idea and completely change up what happens at the climax. (Besides, this is already gonna make my profile page a yard long @__@) But right now I do know that Ash and Pikachu were able to 'restore peace to Mewtwo's heart,' just as Thorne had thought he could have done. Mewtwo flew to Cerulean Cave, where it now resides, and Ash and Pikachu (mortally wounded, of course) both collapsed on the cold cave floor. Ash hugged his best friend in all the world, his partner in battle and out, and the creature he loved the most, hoping that they wouldn't have to fulfill the vow they made to each other years ago, that they were in everything together or not at all. If one of them went down, the other would follow suit. Each would go to the end of the world for the other, and if this was the end for them they would leave the world together. And from their wounds, the bright red blood of humans and the dark blue blood of Pokemon mingled in a puddle around them, the combined colours turned to glowing white. 

But of course Ash never dies. cause he can't When all over the world the storm suddenly stopped and the sky was still, people ventured out to find what had stopped it. And where had the storm's center been? That seaside cave.

Ash woke up in a hospital with Pikachu snuggled at his shoulder, asleep. Smiling, he guessed that it had fought the paramedics to stay beside him, and was now being treated in a human hospital. Only a few days later, a news crew managed to get in to interview Ash. The world was curious to know what had happened in the cave, as the human Mewtwo had called out appeared to have defeated it. And as Pokemon TVs work, everyone in the world was watching the interview, including Thorne.

As Ash began with the story, it was obvious to everybody just how close he and Pikachu were. The yellow mouse would often correct him in the language that only Pokemon spoke. But to the reporter, the story didn't make sense. So Ash started from the beginning, from his tenth birthday, when he first met Pikachu. And at first the stories he was telling seemed impossible.

[Reporter: Wait, wait. You said you met Arceus!?!
Ash: I'm getting to that. First we...]

Ya get my drift? And, again of course, some of Ash's former traveling buddies called the station, saying that they were there and these 'adventures' did in fact happen. And after Ash had finished with the part about calming Mewtwo's rage and the hospital nurse had shooed the camera crew from the room, the world started to see Ash and Pikachu as a hope, in a way. Hope for a world where people and Pokemon are really and truly one. In Ash's own words, human greed will withstand the ages, but all we can do is try to make the world a better place while we're in it.

(I'm almost done I promise :iconmiseryplz:) Okay, so a little afterward, while Ash and Pikachu were staying in the hospital, a lot of people came to visit. Sure, there were the obvious ones like Misty, Dawn, Paul, and the like, but some were people he never thought he would see again. But the visit that stands out was from Sycamore.

Ash was surprised that the Kalos professor had come to visit them, and he brought with him a package. Giving it to Ash, he said that he had been doing some research in Arkia, and a few days after the interview appeared on TV he found this box on his desk, with a note that it was for Ash and Ash alone.

It was about an inch and a half tall, and about the broadness of a hand with fingers splayed. Ash opened it, and the first thing inside was a letter, written in tightly compressed handwriting. And of course it was from his dad. It explained what had happened to Thorne fifty years ago, why he left in the first place, and how incredibly proud he was of him. Throne also wrote that he would 'love to meet Ash again someday.' But perhaps the most intriguing part of the letter was the last two sentences. It wrote: I fear it will not, but I hope this small gift will make up for at least some of the birthdays that I missed. May you get more use out of it than I did. And lying in the box, neatly folded, was what looked like a harness, made of light leather with a stone inside the material. Giving it to Sycamore to look at, the professor was astounded: it was Pikachunite.

The "harness" fit a Pikachu perfectly. Also in the box was a set of worn black gloves, of just the kind Ash preferred. The right hand one had a keystone set into it. They were the perfect size; he had far outgrown his old ones. Ash flipped the letter over, looking for an address or something where he could find his father at. But there was only these words: If you're anything like me, you'll come find me.

And, of course, Ash did.

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