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Please keep in mind that the order of my Favourites is specially coded with whatever character/saga/movie/Shipping or anything that I was into at the time. :XD: The whole middle section is dedicated to N.

Something I've noticed about life

I've noticed something that I need to vent about. Here on dA, you'll have friends that you were so close to go inactive. Sometimes they just get busy with other things. Sometimes you can't find them again. The worst is if a friend gets suicidal. You want to help them, but all you can do is send them a "Hey! Thinking of you! :):):)" message. And if they don't reply, you'll never really know what happened to them. It hurts when a close dA friend just never comes back to the site, because you know odds are you'll never be able to talk to them again.

But I guess that's just a part of what this site is about. For a lot of people, it's where some of their best friends are. And if you're like me, it's where some of your only friends are. And when they're nothing you can do to talk to a friend again... Well, I always have to remember that I'll make new friends on here, but I'll always hold the friends who went permanently inactive in my heart, not because they're "dead," but because our friendship is over.

Rest in pieces, dear friends. :D (Rhivolt, if you ever go on here, I'd still love to hear your stories. Note me. :))

Looker is on the Case

Looker is on the Case


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OMG Shout box!
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I love it! I can't wait to find out how it Evolves. I think that'll be the most interesting part.:D
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What do you think of the new eevee evolution :3?
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I'm on tumblr now. My url is keep-it-canon . Come find me. <3
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      Ruby sighed loudly. His back ached from resting against an oak tree as he watched the coloured leaves beginning to fall. On his lap, Coco the Delcatty was sprawled out, content with an afternoon catnap. Ruby ran his hand absentmindedly over her well-groomed fur, which was soft and plush. They had been in Kalos for some time now, training for the contest halls it held.
      The coordinator closed his eyes and breathed deeply. Since he started this journey he had seen so many beautiful Pokémon that it was difficult to count them all. A Florges had been resting in a meadow, begging for its picture to be taken. A flock of Fetchinder, looking incredibly regal, and an Absol that had the snowiest fur he had ever seen one wear. Yet, somehow he was unable to generate much enthusiasm for the trip ahead. A few days ago, he had called his rival out of homesickness, and her response wasn’t too far from what he had expected. After calling him a sissy-boy and teasing him about wanting his mom, Sapphire hung up without saying goodbye. So he resolved to never, ever call her again.

      A breeze wove through the lightening treetops. Ruby spent a bit longer listening to the whistle, then stretched and yawned decisively. Coco blinked awake as her trainer shifted positions, and flexed her muscles to revive them.
      “Alright, beautiful,” the coordinator sighed, using the usual nickname for his Pokémon. “It’s time we got back on the road.” The Delcatty jogged a lap impatiently around the oak while Ruby repacked his bag. He had only intended to rest there for lunch, but while his team had been eating Ruby found himself struggling to find anything interesting to say in his regular letter to his mom. There wasn’t much that he hadn’t already told her:
      Kalos was a busy region, filled with humans and Pokémon who always seemed to be going somewhere. It was a huge change from the laid-back landscapes of the Hoenn region, and every time he spoke to someone they would look at him strangely and ask where he was from. Several times he had been reprimanded by an adult for not showing enough respect, when in Hoenn people talked just like he did. The stubborn coordinator was finally realizing that his life wasn’t at the center of the world.
      The two friends, human and Pokémon, started again on the road that lead into the town of Camphrier. They both kept an anxious watch for cars, having learned the hard way about transportation in Kalos. The walk passed by uneventfully, and by the time they arrived in town and booked a room the sun had already started to set. In Hoenn it would be afternoon, Ruby mused as he stared out of the motel window. He stopped as he heard a meow behind him.
      “What?” he grunted, turning around his Delcatty. Coco was sitting cutely with her head tilted slightly to one side, exactly as he’d taught her to do for their contests. Between her paws lay Ruby’s ribbon case. Wondering what she was up to, Ruby knelt down to pick the case up, but the Delcatty obviously had something in mind. Before he had a chance to take it, Coco had nabbed the case in her mouth and was leapt onto the bed, dodging as he lunged at her. “Hey, give that back!”
      Their game lasted a good while, with Ruby growing more and more frustrated that he somehow had lost Coco’s respect as her trainer. Finally, when the Delcatty had gotten enough fun, she bounded over to Ruby’s bag and stuck her head in. The coordinator stopped chasing, exhausted and wondering what on earth his Pokémon was doing. After a moment of rummaging, Coco emerged with a folded up piece of paper in her mouth and sat importantly in front her trainer, one paw still on the ribbon case.
      “What are you up to?” he muttered irritably, reaching for the paper, which Coco gave up obediently. As he unfolded it, he remembered what it was. After the fight against Maxie and Archie, he and Sapphire had made a list of places in Hoenn they wanted to visit (which consisted mostly of dares, such as ‘make Ruby go on Terror Mountain at Mauville Amusement Park and not scream like a baby’ and ‘fashion show!’ all the way to ‘watch Attack of the Bidoofs II at Lilycove master theater.’)
      The coordinator glanced at the words written on the page momentarily before reaching again for his ribbon case, clenching his fist in frustration as Coco slid it again out of his reach. He looked at his Delcatty, who was famous world-over as a contest hall champion. Charmingly, quizzically, she gazed at her trainer.
      “You want me to go home, don’t you?”
      Coco nodded.
      Ruby sighed yet again. She must have picked up on how he was feeling, and decided to take care of her stubborn trainer. Even for how homesick he was, Ruby dreaded the thought of returning to Hoenn without having won every Master Rank ribbon in Kalos. He knew Sapphire would never let him hear the end of it.
      “Fine,” he gave in unenthusiastically, and went to pack up his belongings yet another time that day. He didn’t bother imagining what kind of reception his rival would give him.

      Having returned Coco to her Pokeball, Ruby mounted his borrowed Pidgeot and began to trip back, feeling sullenly as if he would soon regret it. The flight back seemed to last twice as long as it should have. The sun in Hoenn had just finished setting as the flyer landed in Littleroot. Aromas of freshly cut grass, the next day’s dinner being roasted, and flowers gardens that were carefully tended to welcomed him home. He returned the Pokémon and began trudging quietly through the sleeping town. He kept an eye out for movement, just in case Sapphire happened to be around, knowing how wild-raised girl was practically nocturnal.
      His tidy house came into view over a gentle slope, and the coordinator paused for a moment to take in the view, almost able to taste his mom’s cooking as he stood. Coco was right, he thought to himself. I could use a break. How he had grown to love this quiet town.
      Then he heard someone shouting his name a split second before an object tackled him, bowling him over from behind. After rolling once or twice, Ruby found himself lying on his back in the grass, staring up at Sapphire. She wore one of the widest smiles he’d ever seen on her, the moonlight glinting off her fangs.
      “Ya came home!” she exclaimed, letting Ruby sit up. His head was still spinning from the latest Sapphire-pounce he had bore the brunt of, but nevertheless was happy to see his rival again, and in a good mood too.
      “I... thought you’d be mad at me,” he stated, the dizziness fading away.
      “I’m not mad,” she explained excitedly. Ruby noticed that the bandanna he had sewn for her was torn. “I’m just glad we getta hang out again.”
      The coordinator couldn’t help but smile at the thought of being dragged around Hoenn and into adventures again. “I’m glad too. It’s good to be home.”
      Sapphire pecked Ruby quickly on the cheek and grinned at him, her ocean-colored eyes gleaming happily. “Welcome back to Hoenn, y'idiot.”
Happy Hoenn! *trumpets*

Happy Hoenn, everybody! :icondummypartyplz: ^^; I know this is over two weeks late, but I... well.... I have no excuse :XD:

*franticships off into the sunset*
      The summers in Ruby’s new home of Littleroot were much too tropical for his liking. The sun rose early every day and set later than it ever had back in Johto. And it was hot. Sweltering. Take-a-cold-shower hot. So hot the Pokémon hid in the grass and the children ate dripping popsicles in the shade.
      On these summer afternoons, Ruby often spent his time reading the hundreds of Coordinator Weekly and Pokémon Fashion Star! magazines that the Petalburg Precinct Library had collected over many years. He checked them out by the dozens, diligently reading every article and making photocopies of his favourite pictures to use for his own designs later on. The coordinator eagerly awaited the day when the library got sick of the magazines and gave them away, as he would then be able to highlight the articles to his heart's content.
      On most of these days, the heat would eventually get to Ruby and he would drift off. Though unbeknownst to him, Sapphire, bored out of her mind, often climbed through his window to bug her rival, usually ending up napping beside him. But as she was a master of the catnap, Ruby never found out until one day he woke up with a sneeze.
      It took him a minute to realize that something was amiss, but the sound of breathing beside him made Ruby sit bolt upright. "Wh-- What are you doing here?"
      Sapphire blinked and yawned toothily before sitting up, stretching her cat-like limbs out in front of her. "Takin' a nap," she replied matter-of-factly. "What does it look like I'm doin'?"
      "Get off my bed!" the coordinator shouted, shoving his rival roughly off the side. However, he either underestimated or forgot about her instinctive reflexes, for when she hit the floor she had already twisted around, launching herself back at Ruby faster than a Taillow could blink.
      "Don't tell me what to do!" she snarled defiantly, before remembering whose room she was in and releasing him in a huff.
     "... Do you do this often?" Ruby asked, slightly intrigued by the idea of having slept beside Sapphire and not knowing it.
      "Maybe," she responded, taking the chance to bug him as she curled up tightly once more. "You'll never know."
      Growling angrily, Ruby picked up the magazine that had been squashed in their tussle and resumed his research on the various autumn styles for long-furred Pokémon. He had finished it quickly and begun devouring another article, this one written by a world-famous Poke-Stylist from Kalos, when he noticed that Sapphire had fallen back asleep.
      Curious, he watched his rival for a while out of the corner of his eye, her chest rising and falling gently. Her limbs were tucked under her almost exactly like a Pokémon would sleep. Not for the first time, Ruby was reminded of the Liepard an old neighbor-lady of his used to have back in Johto. Everything from the way Sapphire moved to the way she spoke—even down to her facial expressions—reminded him of the Hunter Pokémon. Sapphire could walk on all fours just as well as any Wondrous Creature could, and while it was sort of weird, Ruby liked that about her. She was unique. Sapphire was probably the only girl in the world who would run through a mud puddle for fun, while he was likely the only boy who would avoid it at all costs. And yet somehow they made a good team, balancing things out with what the other lacked.
      What the heck, Ruby decided. Another nap wouldn't kill him.
FranticShipping Drabble #1 (Ruby/Sapphire)
And you know what? You know what? Guess what ORAS means? MOAR FRANTIC!!!! :iconsqueeeeplz: Long time no OTP!!!
(That is, assuming that they make an ORAS chapter of PokeSpe :iconcryforeverplz:)

Not much else to say here. If Wallace and Winona aren't married in the new arc, I'm gonna bomb GameFreak. >:I (Oh, and I've always thought of Sapph as part Liepard. I mean it just makes sense)
      A strange boy was walking down a long, dark hallway. The oil lamps on the walls cast flickering shadows on the ragged carpet, which was frayed from years of inattention. Glancing warily around, the boy tried his best to seem confident. He squared his shoulders and walked stiffly to stop his legs from shaking. He was headed to meet the most important person in the world. His fears beginning to fade, he sped up until the hallway ended, and a huge, wooden door with a brass knocker stood before him. After a few deep breaths, he reached up toward the handle, finding that he could barely reach it. Feeling as if his hand weighed more than it should, the boy reached up and grasped the knocker, banging it twice against the door...

      “Silver, wake up. You’re dreaming.” Green’s voice cut into the redhead’s vision. Struggling awake, Silver found himself lying on a couch in Professor Oak’s mansion, having fallen asleep on Green’s lap after complaining of a headache. Letting out a groan at the faraway pounding in his head, the trainer propped himself up with one hand and clutched his head in the other. He was still here. Still stuck housesitting in some stupid old mansion that some stupid old professor had dug up and didn’t want to repair. And to make it worse, the stuffiness and layer after layer of unsettled dust was beginning to get to him. It was getting to him, actually.
      “Sil?” Green looked at her friend closely, her brow creasing in worry. “Are you feeling alright? You’re kind of pale...”
      Not wanting to draw any unneeded attention, the redhead rose painfully to his feet and started walking toward the kitchen. “I’m fine. Water,” he explained without looking at her. Upstairs Blue and Gold were apparently locked in an arm wrestling match, as the latter dexholder was calling rapid-fire insults in attempt to catch the older boy off guard. Silver wished they would all just shut up.
      The glasses in the cupboard were incredibly grimy. Being the germaphobe that he was, it took him a few good minutes of wiping the glass on the inside of his jacket for it to be deemed drinkable. Sure, he thought sarcastically, grimacing at the amount of dirt coming off. Like anyone would want to loot this place. Turning on the faucet, the redhead was greeted by the familiar smell of well water, which only made him hate his situation more fervently: back in the Masked Man’s (heavily quoted) “training center” they had been given only water from deep within the earth to drink, as it ‘connected them to their roots, reminding them that only evil can win in the end’ or whatever random crap Pryce felt like filling their heads with at any given moment in time. Old weirdo. Silver took a much-needed sip of cold water, his head finally start to clear. And just in case anyone would want this piece of junk, Oak’d better send in the “special force” to protect it. The Johto dexholder snorted. Let the police deal with this. I have better things to do.
      From upstairs, the sound of a card table crashing to the marble floor echoed loudly throughout the mansion, accompanied by Gold hooting about ‘being a champ’ and Blue calling him a cheater. The redhead growled. He really didn’t want to be here. He really didn’t want to. The glass, still half full, was clutched in his gloved hand as he peered around the corner at Green. She was laughing and shouting for Gold to run as Blue chased him jokingly with a fire poker. Red and Yellow, who were still exploring the mansion, stepped out of the way as the two came flying past them, yelling and laughing.
      The redhead took another sip of well-water. It was times like these when he couldn’t help but feel a little... secluded from the other dexholders. Different. With a few exceptions, they all had nice homes to return to, with somebody there who loved them. Having been one of the Masked Children in Pryce’s scheme for as long as he could remember, Silver not only had no clue as to where he came from, but also as to whether he would ever find it. Even Green, who had taken care of him while they both wore masks (and who he thought of as a sister), had found her parents after all these years. Even she had gotten her happily ever after. So where was his?
      Where was it? That was the question he had been asking himself for an incredibly long time. When will I find it? With all his heart, Silver wanted it to be a happy house, full of sunlight and warmth and laughter, with Pokémon playing and people chatting, just like in the stories Green had told him back when they was too little to understand how harsh the world was. Thinking back, he remembered how desperate they had been to escape from that prison, only to find that things weren’t nearly as perfect as they’d thought. There was no real happily ever after, but if there was, Gold had it. A good family, home, and neighbourhood, with people who loved him, and who would forgive him no matter what he did wrong. Silver took another sip of water. Maybe that was why he hated him so much lately.
      Upstairs, Blue had found a way to block Gold off from both directions of the curving hallway. Wherever the delinquent turned, Blue would be there with the fire poker. In playful desperation, he held his pool cue in front of him like a lance and charged, tripping over Pika and Chuchu and banging his head against a brass bell. He staggered jokingly around, the five bored dexholders laughing, as the ringing echoed off the walls of the empty mansion. Silver’s headache, which had only just faded away, suddenly returned with a vengeance.
      Even after the bell had ceased vibrating, the redhead still swore he could hear it clearly. He staggered over to the counter and leaned on it, struggling to stay conscious as his mind threatened to slip off into another place. Finally, when he felt as if he would vomit with nausea, Silver blacked out and into another reality.

      Slowly the door opened, and the hallway flooded with firelight. The boy stepped boldly inside, knowing full well who the room belonged to. He intended to leave the exit open behind him, but a voice came from the shadows, sharp and cold, uttering three simple words that contained more authority than the boy had ever heard. “Close the door.”
      “Yes sir.”
      The boy looked anxiously around. Even though there were several logs burning in the fireplace, they did nothing to warm up the dark room, which contained only a desk and a filing cabinet. Both were spotless.
      “Giovanni?” the voice came again.
      The boy lowered his head respectfully, an unreadable light shining in his eyes. “Yes sir,” he said again.
      “You contacted me?”
      “Yes sir.”
      “And you wish to learn?”
      Again, the respectful reply.
      “Do you know who I am?”
      This time, the boy did not respond as readily. “You are… the one whose power was usurped.”
      The voice paused for a long moment before it responded. “That’s right. I am the failed one. But that was years ago. I have wished ever since to continue following that dream of mine. What makes you think that you can do it for me?”
      “Conquer the world?” the boy responded hopefully, the unreadable gleam stronger than ever.
      “My boy, not just to conquer it. To put it right. Are you strong enough for that?”
      “Yes,” he answered, taking no time in his response. His heart was beating wildly.
      “Very well,” the voice sighed, and a tall, skinny figure rose from a shadowy corner. “Let’s begin.”

      Silver was plunged back into consciousness as cold, earth-smelling water was splashed onto his face and shoulders. He gasped and sat up quickly, too quickly for his sensitive stomach. His headache returned as well.
      “How many fingers am I holding up?” It took the redhead a minute to recognize the soft, almost musical voice of Yellow, very different from the harsh tones of the people in his dream.
      “What? Uh, three.”
      The Healer, still not certain, put a hand on the side of his head to read what was bothering him. Silver immediately strained to push all his thoughts out of reach, and the small dexholder stood, looking puzzled.
      “Are you okay?” Red asked, looking worried.
      “I’m fine, really.” Silver put as much energy as he could into making those words sound believable.
      “... All the same, I want you to stay by me for a little bit.” The redhead almost groaned out loud as Green said that, which confused him even more: she was the one person in the world who he would feel comfortable sharing anything with. She knew him better than he knew himself, in a way.
      Then he heard Gold snigger behind him. “Sissy-boy.” Silver had no idea why, but for some reason this set him off, all his frustrations bursting out toward the Hatcher.
      “SHUT UP YOU RAKKING IDIOT!” he screamed, Red covering Yellow’s ears as he swore. Gold’s usual grin melted into a look of stunned surprise at his rival’s outburst. “I’M SICK OF YOU! I’M SICK OF ALL OF YOU!” Hating himself as his eyes started to tear up, Silver pounded off through the dumb living room, though a dumb door into an even dumber cellar.
      Someplace quiet, someplace quiet... His mind was trying to remember something, something he needed to know for some stupid reason. Ignoring the choking layer of dust that floofed into the air as his sneakers unsettled it, Silver came across a door, rattled the old-fashioned handle until it became loose, and bolted inside, barricading the exit behind him.
      Finally alone. Finally he could think. He let himself collapse onto the cool stone floor, his mind reeling and his stomach lurching violently. Images that he had never seen before flashed through his mind: a man in a high-collared brown coat was walking into a prison on visiting day; the same man, a few years older, standing in uniform on a high podium, speaking passionately to thousands of humans, all dressed in black; the words Raid On the City, Knock them out, my Evil Tusks being spoken, only minutes before Versus came down; the man, in his thirties now, watching evil being done with a broken coldness in his eyes; and a woman, with Silver’s exact face shape and hair colour, standing side by side with Giovanni as Team Rocket worked below them. And then, like a slide show of the mind, it ended in a black screen.
      Silver opened his eyes. He felt like throwing up. He felt like dying. He felt like a million different things at once, and killing himself may or may not have been one of them. He felt dirtier than he ever had in his life. Memories written in your blood.... Finally he knew why it was so hard for him to be good. Why he could never be one of them. Inside, a part of him wished that he had never been kidnapped by the Masked Man: He never would have met Green, who grew up to destroy Team Rocket; he never would have known what doing something nice for someone felt like; he never would have become a Pokédex holder, never would have met his Feraligatr, never would have saved the world: he would be evil and everything would be simple.
      But unfortunately, the world doesn’t work that way. The Exchanger must have drifted off, as when his mind slid back into consciousness he was still in the cellar. His head was once again in Green’s lap and she was delicately stroking his face, as if he was something fragile, something that might break if handled too roughly. He blinked his eyes open and struggled to focus them. Green was crying. His sister was crying.
      “What’s wrong?” he rasped, attempting to sit up but yielding as the Evolver pushed him gently back down.
      “I’m so sorry, Silver... I-- You were talking in your sleep,” she explained, gazing at him with tearful eyes, so full of concern. “I’m so sorry... I know how badly you wanted your happily ever after.” She wiped her eyes on her sleeve. Silver gazed up at her, at a complete loss. But I should be the one crying....
      “Where’s everyone else?” he queried wearily, not wanting to answer questions if they already knew what he had just discovered.
      “Back upstairs,” she responded, continuing to stroke his face; Green was the only person in the world who he would ever let touch him. “I figured you’d want to some time alone. Gold says he’s sorry,” she added.
      There was a long, sorrowful silence between the two, who had suffered through hardships even worse than death with each other. Silver flinched every now and then at how foreign the touch felt, but he enjoyed it all the same. After what seemed like years of peaceful nothingness, the silence was finally broken.
      “Silver?” Green began.
      “Yeah?” he grunted, his mind struggling to return to reality and beginning to pound painfully again.
      The Evolver hesitated before responding, and when she finally did Silver thought he could detect fear in her voice. “...You do know that, no matter what choice you make, you’ll always be my brother, right?”
      “I know,” he reassured her, even if he only said it to make her happy. But later on, as he thought about it, he found without much trouble that no matter what was in his blood, his real family was with him. A crazy, loud, obnoxious family that consisted of seven rowdy teenagers, but they were a family nonetheless.
Silver Tribute ~ The Discovery
OI! :wave: Okay, I know that in PokeSpe this isn't even close to how Silver finds out that Giovanni is his dad, but I just love him so much I had to write this. I haven't gotten to reading the Emerald arc yet, and so now I'm stuck in suspense from that stupid cliffhanger at the end of the FRLG chapter. *pouts* 

Tbh, since I started this fic I've begun to call everything 'stupid' just like Silver would, and so to correct that I try to replace it with something stupid like 'singular' before I  DANG IT I DID IT AGAIN!!! :p

(Edit: For those of you who haven't read PokeSpe yet, when I called the Pokedex Holders by different names, like calling Gold 'the Hatcher', it's because that's what they "are" in the manga. Kind of like classes, but not. Talents I guess. Here's the list of them just in case you're interested:

Red – the Warrior/Fighter

Blue – the Trainer

Green – the Evolver

Yellow – the Healer

Gold – the Hatcher

Silver – the Trader/Exchanger

Crys – the Catcher

Ruby – the Charmer

Sapph – the Conqueror

Emerald – the Calmer

Dia – the Empathizer

Pearl – the Determiner

Platina – the Understander

Black/White – the Dreamers

Oh, and don't ask me why I chose not to put Crystal in this. :/ I guess I figured that two Johto dexholders get up to enough shenanigans. XD plus I mean she's the catcher so Oak probably has more important things for her to do

Have great days, everybody! :hug:)

      For as long as I live, I’ll never forget how this entire adventure began: the fight against Lance, Sabrina’s prophecy, and the summoning of the Silverbird. Or how we rose as Kanto fell... They say great things have humble beginnings, and in this case “they” would be right. For me, it all started when Green, Blue, and I were a week away from leaving on our journey.
      Or, at least we should have been. In our small hometown of Pallet, we were always getting into trouble, just like any kid who couldn’t wait to turn ten would. Except we were worse. Much worse. And it was just our luck that we would get into something so dumb when we were so close to finally leaving Pallet forever. What did we do? Well, we sort of toppled the water tower. We weren’t even doing anything wrong, relatively. The three of us just wanted to get up somewhere high and see what lay beyond Pallet Town. We didn’t mean for the tower to fall.
      But when it did, water gushed everywhere. Green landed (of course) on her feet, Blue fell onto his back, but I fell hard and broke my arm. Mom was so mad that she punished me by making me stay an extra year in town before I could go on my journey. And for an almost-ten-year-old, that’s practically a death sentence. And that’s how I ended up in my room the day after, wishing more than I ever had that I could take something back.

      The fan was whirring quietly on the ceiling as I sat slumped in my desk chair, my arm hanging uselessly in its sling. Blue was sitting in a lounge chair and staring out the window, while Green paced back and forth on my bed, her feet bare as always, muttering furiously to herself all the while.
      “It’s not fair that we have to wait another year. We’ve worked as hard as any kid to be able to leave, so we shouldn’t be kept in! We’ll sneak out, or create a diversion, or contact someone, or something! I’m going on my journey if my name isn’t Erin Annelisa Walters!”
      “You do know that we don’t have to wait, right?” Blue paused his musings long enough to point out that while I was stuck in Pallet, they could leave at any time they wanted.
      Green flopped down into a sitting position, her fists clenched in frustration. “No! We’ll go as a group or not at all.” Blue rolled his eyes.
      “You know, maybe we could try being good...” I ventured. Both my friends stared at me as if I had just suggested that Furfrou grooming was cool. I shrugged noncommittally. “Just an idea.”
      There was silence for several moments in which Blue picked up a controller and started a new game of Super Speed on my TV set. Green joined him shortly and they began duking it out over a pit of lava. Blue was playing as a male protagonist, with a lightning bolt jacket and spiky red hair. Green, as she always did, chose the female protagonist with striking blond hair. I watched them fight for a while, then sighed and got up.
      “I’m gonna see if its lunch time yet,” I muttered, walking toward the stairway. Green jerked her head in response, too busy with the game to look up. So, hands in my pockets, I trudged downstairs.

      “I know what’ll make your cheer up,” Green whispered to me as we headed back to my room after lunch that day.
      “What?” I asked. I didn’t feel as if anything could cheer me up.
      Green put a finger to her lips as an indicator that we should stay quiet, as my mom, still angry with me, was in earshot. When we were back in my room I turned to her as Blue closed the door behind us. “What is it?”
      She seemed about ready to burst with excitement. “It’s a blue moon tonight!”
      “That’s just a myth, you know,” Blue pointed out before I could respond, as he swept past us to reach their unfinished game.
      Green made a pouting expression. “Oh, look at you, Mr. Grandson-of-a-Professor. I suppose you don’t know that the great Professor Oak saw it himself.”
      “And you expect everything that came out of a ten-year-old’s mouth to be true? He could have just seen a mirage on the water, or a weird reflection in the moon.”
      “Wait,” I interrupted their bout, “What’s this about a blue moon? What did Old Man Oak see?”
      “Don’t listen to her,” Blue grunted before Green could respond. “She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.”
      Green must not have heard him, as she was practically jumping up and down in excitement. “It’s true! Mrs. Abram told me about it.”
      Mrs. Abram was Green’s foster mom. She was a lover of legends, so it would make sense that Green would believe every myth that came out of this small town. Blue, on the other hand, was the son of two successful scientists, though they had been out traveling for as long as I had known him. He lived with his older sister, who was a concrete thinker.
      “Daisy says that the blue moon is caused by a reflection of the ocean on the moon,” he argued as his character slipped into the lava and died as his attention strayed from the controller.
      “Then why does it happen on the same day every decade?” Green shot back.
      “Guys!” I shouted, in attempt to end their feud. “What on earth is a blue moon?”
      “Well, it happens once every ten years,” Green began as we settled down to talk, Blue joining with a grudging look on his face.
      “I gathered that. Go on.”
      “You know how the southernmost tip of Pallet extends into the ocean like a claw? It’s said that, once every ten years, Mew comes to visit there on the blue moon! The place is blocked off, so we’d have to take a boat, but wouldn’t it be cool to see it?”
      “That sounds like a legend,” I responded skeptically. Blue grinned, while Green pouted.
      “Well, yeah,” she continued, exasperated. “But that’s the fun of it! It’s something mythical, mysterious, unknown, and the only way to find out is to go see it ourselves! Are you really going to sit around for the next whole year and do nothing? This town’s LOADED with history! We can get our start here!”
      Blue flinched at the volume of her voice. “Ears,” he reminded her bitterly. Green elbowed him playfully in response, to which he blushed slightly and rolled his eyes.
      “So what do you think?” she asked me. “Should we go for it?”
      My heart had started to beat faster at the thought of exploring, but there was one thing holding me back. “It sounds fun, but if we get into any more trouble Mom will stop me from ever leaving home! She already thinks you guys are a bad influence, and I can’t stay here forever!”
      And with that, the mischievous glitter that I’d grown to love and fear came to Green’s eyes. “Simple,” she explained, a trace of a smile on the edge of her lips. “We don’t get caught.”
      In my mind, I knew what would be the smart thing to do. To stay home. To stay out of trouble. To do things the “right way” for once. The cape must have been blocked off for a reason. But the tug of adventure was stronger than that. We had done way more over the years than we had gotten in trouble for. It was risky, but the wait simply wasn’t worth it.
      “Alright,” I said. “I’m in.”

      We spent the rest of the day planning our latest midnight adventure. I took out from under my bed the books and maps of places in Kanto that we had borrowed from the library (and may or may not have ever returned). We never went on a big sneak-out like this without a plan. Since Green had the best ears, she listened for the sound of my mom coming up the stairs while she drew out the plans. When my mom came up to bring us dinner we quickly shoved the papers under my bed and pretended to be playing video games. I asked if Green and Blue could spend the night, and I figure it was around then that she began to get suspicious. We didn’t know it, but this would be one of the biggest adventures we went on back then, and it would be the very beginning of the biggest conspiracy the world had ever known.
      At midnight we used the rope-ladder we had built and subsequently hid to climb out of my bedroom window. From there we picked our way through town and toward the southern docks. Just as there always were, several small rowing boats were set out for public use. Fishing, I guess. We untied one and set out for the cape, following the shoreline to where the land curved around in a small peninsula. The Kanto Police had used logs to block the way onto the cape by land, so the only way onto it was to go around by water. Blue and I rowed while Green sat at the front of the boat and yelled at us over the wind.
      Finally Blue got sick of her talking and grumbled, “Why don’t you wait until we get there?”
      Green responded without looking at him. “Shut up, Hunter.”
      Blue scowled at her, and I couldn’t help but grin. He hated being called his real name. We weren’t anything like your usual group of friends; we teased each other a lot and argued more than we agreed. But I trusted Blue and Green to have my back more than anyone.
      We docked our boat when we reached the tip of the peninsula and began to look around. Through the trees the giant blue moon beat down on our backs, and the wind rushing in from the ocean warned of a possible gale sometime soon. We fell into the usual formation that we always had when we were exploring unfamiliar land: Green in front, scouting around, me a little behind and Blue trudging in back, observing in his own way. Every once in a while one of us would notice something and would dart off to investigate. Green would give a far-fetched explanation to what it was, and Blue would contradict her with a scientific explanation, which they would argue over until either I pointed out how silly the discussion was or we spotted something else. I loved doing this: being out in the unknown and discovering new things. And the fact that we were about to see Mew, called the Mother of All Pokémon, made this night exploration even more awesome.
      Eventually the trees thinned out and we came to a giant clearing which the moon seemed to beat down upon, soaking the sparse grass in the silver rays. If Mew was going to appear, this would be the place. My arm was sore from being shaken in its sling as we were walking, but I tried my best to ignore it. The three of us crouched behind a sticky-smelling buckleberry bush. Blue turned to face Green and me, a rare glitter of excitement in his eyes.
      “What should we do now?” he asked. I was all for charging into the clearing and shouting for Mew to come out, simply for the need of action.
      Green didn’t even look up from the clearing. “We’ll wait.”
      So we waited. I have no idea how much time passed, but the moon shined on above us, with not a cloud to cover it. At one point I yawned loudly and Green jabbed me in the ribs so hard it hurt. After that I kept my eyes on the clearing as well.
      At one point I thought I saw a quick flash of movement on the forest edge opposite us, but when I pointed it out to the others they said they hadn’t seen it. We went back to waiting, but as I watched the spot where I saw something move, I became certain that someone was there. I had no proof, just had a feeling I couldn’t explain: somebody else was here to see Mew, and it couldn’t be for anything good.
      When something finally happened, it happened slowly. A pink sphere appeared in the center of the clearing, and very gradually began to dissolve. A pink creature emerged, the picture of simplicity. I watched it, mesmerized, as it bounced and floated playfully and gazed around with its innocent blue eyes. After a second, its gaze landed on me, and then Green, then Blue.
      Suddenly images flashed through my mind. I saw a flash of golden hair, a man with fire in his eyes laughing, and a volcano rising from the ground, a giant silver bird roaring above it while piercing screams filled my ears. It stopped as quickly as it had started, leaving me wondering if my mind had imagined it. Green and Blue, though, both looked puzzled, I remember. Seeing through my own eyes again, I noticed that Mew had ceased looking at me. Its gaze had wandered to the spot across the clearing where I could have sworn I saw the bushes rustle. There was silence for many moments, until....
      A split second before it happened I felt a flash of fear that wasn’t mine. An object—a black cube—was whipped out of the shadows. For a reason I never understood, Mew either chose not to or was unable to run. The cube opened up before it hit its target, engulfed it, and fell to the ground, a sort of unnatural electricity crackling across it. The three of us watched in horror as the Wondrous Creature trapped inside the cage screeched. Then its eyes drooped, and it collapsed, apparently asleep.
      There came a rustling noise from the edge of the clearing, and after a moment two adults stepped out. Once they entered the moonlight I knew immediately who they were. I had a dream of becoming Champion, you see, and in preparation for that I had studied up on all the important trainers in Kanto. I knew that the young lady with steely glasses and an icy gaze was Lorelei, and the short, ancient woman beside her was called Agatha. They were both members of Kanto’s Elite Four.
      I should take a second to explain something. It’s important to everything that happened beyond here. At this point in time, the Kanto champion was a man named Lance. He was strong, intelligent, and a little strange; he never showed up at gatherings of strong trainers or participated in demonstrations. I remember watching him take on the League as a kid and admiring him. But right after he became Kanto’s strongest trainer, he left. He fired every member of the previous Elite Four and battle board except for Agatha, and traveled abroad to other regions to find trainers perfect for his Elite membership.
      I know that this was really strange. Most new champions build an Elite Four from trainers of their region, but upon his rise to the throne, Lance had searched long and hard for other trainers who shared his views. Then after that, neither he nor his Elite trainers were seen very much. You sometimes found them in libraries, cracking open books or at ruins investigating for something. But almost never in public. Most people didn’t even like the trainers he had chosen: they were all cold-hearted and stuck to themselves.
      Of the two, the Lorelei seemed to be in charge. She strode over to the cube, her heels making distinct impressions in the dew-laden grass. Over steel-rimmed glasses she eyed the creature sleeping in the cube. Agatha hobbled up beside her as she reached for it. “Is the poor thing okay?” the ancient woman croaked.
      Lorelei observed the Mew with saddened eyes. “Yes,” she replied. “It’s too bad that this is the only bargain Giovanni will take.” She tore her gaze from the cage she was holding and turned to look directly at us. “It seems as if we have company.”
      “Do we?” Agatha chuckled as she turned to look our direction as well. “Come out, come out, then, little kiddies.”
      Beside me, Blue tensed while Green grated her teeth together. It still surprises me today that observing this didn’t fill me with anger, but with curiosity. The three of us stayed where we were, not even daring to breathe. After a moment Lorelei shrugged as if she had been mistaken, and turned her back to leave.
      “Wait,” Agatha whispered, just loud enough for us to hear. Lorelei stopped and turned back, impatient.
      “What now?”
      “Just watch and learn, my dear.” As she said that, the ancient battler retrieved a PokeBall from where they sat in their notches on her gnarled cane. A Haunter appeared from it, a creepy grin plastered on it ghost-like features.
      “Will o’ Wisp,” Agatha whispered.

      You can guess what happened next. Instantly the forest was filled with the smell of smoke. The branches burned, lighting those beside it until the all we could see were bright orange flames.
      To my dismay, Green let out a screech and launched herself through the fire and into the clearing. Blue and I had no choice but to follow. Upon escaping the burning vegetation I saw what I had been hoping hadn’t happened. Green had attacked the Elite members herself.
      And of course she stood no chance. For how incredibly tough she was, she was no match for these adults. Lorelei was tightly gripping the back of her shirt with one hand, the cube in the other, while Green struggled to get free. Both Agatha and that Haunter were eyeing her hungrily with the flames lapping at the wood behind them.
      Before I could even react, Blue flung himself at Lorelei, screeching something about not to let the Haunter lick her. Lorelei and Agatha, now dealing with two berserk nine-year-olds, had their attention elsewhere. So, with my good arm, I snuck up behind the Ice trainer and grabbed the cube. Lorelei started and released Green, who launched herself in fury at Agatha. Blue grabbed her to stop her from getting closer to the Haunter, fearful of its paralyzing saliva. As Lorelei swung at me to take back the cage, I dodged, using my smaller size to my advantage. Out of impulse more than anything, I grabbed a rock with my right hand, the broken one, and smashed the lock to the cage in one swift but painful motion. The cube broke open. Mew shook its head, blinked twice, and flew upward toward the giant blue moon. Lorelei made a grab for it as it did, but the sleepy creature had gotten a head start, and all she ended up with a handful of fur and whiskers. Then Mew disappeared under the moon.
      The world seemed to slow for a moment. Then it burst into reality as Blue grabbed good my arm and began to run out of the clearing, Green following, when I felt someone yanking on my shirt. And this time Lorelei, one hand still clutching the fur of Mew, would not let go.
      The next part went by so fast it hardly seemed real. As I battled a splintering pain in my arm that slowly numbed me, I was subject to a brutal tug of war, in which the adult side had the upper hand. But then a screech sounded as Green stomped heavily on Lorelei’s foot, and the grip on my shirt loosened just enough for Blue to pry me loose, and then I was being half-dragged through the wildfire, until we clearing faded behind us. The Elite members did not give chase.
      Finally we reached the edge of the forest and erupted onto cool earth. Blue and Green were trying to explain what had happened to the firefighters as I regained full consciousness.
      As the three of us lay, breathless and coughing, on the ground, the last person I wanted to see came up to me in a fury to scare Versus. My mom subjected me to a lecture that I only half took in, going on about how much of a troublemaker I was, how I didn’t deserve to ever go on a journey, and how I could have been killed doing something so stupid.
      She had just gotten to the part about how scared she had been when a tall figure began pushing its way through the crowd to reach us. Blue’s eyes opened wide in fright. The figure, a man, politely excused my mother with much authority and stood looking down at the three of us, particularly his grandson.
      It was Old Man Oak.
      He stared down at us, his gaze unreadable, as the Kanto fire squad hosed down the forest around us. It was torture enough for me to endure that gaze, while Blue was quivering beside me. I had only seen Prof. Richard Oak  on TV, and the same was true for Blue.
      Finally the old man seemed to come to a conclusion. He gave instructions to the firefighter nearest to him. “Get these three checked up at a hospital, then straight to my lab.” That was all he said before he swept off, lab coat swishing behind him. We stared at each other, wondering just how much more trouble we were about to be in.

      The giant wooden doors of the Oak Family Lab were more intimidating than they had ever been as we walked through them. They creaked shut and slammed behind us, leaving the three of us in the dark. Hands in his pockets and staring at the floor, Blue led Green and me to his grandfather’s private study. Inside the room there were papers cluttered everywhere, and more books than I had read in my life filled the shelves. A long table with three chairs had been set out, though Prof. Oak was nowhere to be seen. With nothing else to do but wait, we sat down. Blue stared at the desk, Green twiddled her thumbs, and I stared at the ceiling. The light bulb needed replacing.
      After what felt like forever, the door opened suddenly and Oak walked in, tall and intimidating. We had been jittery enough beforehand, but now I was practically shaking.
      The ancient man didn’t bother to look at us before he swept over to a filing cabinet, unlocked the middle drawer, and shifted around in it for a few minutes. He let out a gruff “a-ha” and lifted a small box onto his working desk. He then turned to face us.
      “...You said you saw Mew, correct?”
      We all stared at him, stunned, for a moment. He sure was scatterbrained, even back then.
      “Yes, sir,” Blue answered finally.
      He nodded, thought for a second, then picked up the box and set it down in front of us.
      “You can tell me the details later. I have a job for you three....”

      And that’s how it started. Two years later, we met a girl with golden hair, and the fight against Lance began.
Yellow Chapter PokeSpe Redone ~ Finding Mew
Hey! :wave: I know this redone headcanon would technically be of the Red/Blue and Yellow chapters, but that won't fit in the title, so it's just Yellow. :XD: This is also a Speaks piece, buuuut there wasn't any room anyway for "Red Speaks: Finding Mew" in the title box either. Also threw in a bit of OldrivalShipping for you guys. Have awesome days! :iconsuperw00tplz:

(Edit: I forgot to mention why I put emphasis on the Mew hair/fur. We know that Mewtwo was cloned from Mew's eyelash, and so in this fic when Lorelei mentions bribing Giovanni, THAT'S what I mean. I suppose that could be looked at as a bit ooc, seeing as the Elite Four are PETA hippies, but in this hc Lance takes over Team Rocket after it falls to Red, Green, and Blue, and so Lance would want to "get in good" with the members. And besides, all the cage did was put it to sleep (seemingly :evillaugh:) lol jk
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